Control Panel Replacement

1. Remove the four screws mounting the control panel, using 5/64" Allen wrench.


2. Loosen the screws in the screw terminals using a 3/32" slotted screwdriver, 

    and pull out the wires from the terminal. Don't disconnect the wires at ON+ and

    ON- positions.


3. Connect the cables to the screw terminals. Make sure that the wires go all the

    way into the screw terminal and that the screws are holding the bare wires, not

    the insulation.


Communication cable to screw terminal:

- RED wire to "+5V"

- WHITE wire to "COMM+"

- GREEN wire to "COMM-"

- BLACK wire to "GND"


Control switches to screw terminal:

- cable from the BLACK start/stop switch to "START" (RED) and top "GND"


- cable marked with a RED tape from the RED single stitch switch to "SS"

(RED) and bottom "GND" (BLACK)


4. Mount the control panel. Don't overtighten the screws.


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