Gammill Machine Controller Board Replacement Procedure

  1. Using a 5/32 Allen wrench remove the four bolts holding the rear plastic cover and hang the cover by the power cord.
  2. Remove the safety cover from the controller using a 1/8” Allen wrench.
  3. Unplug all the connectors from the controller board.
  4. Remove the controller from the back of the machine using a 9/64” Allen wrench. Remember how the ground wire was attached to the unit.
  5. Put on the new controller board, making sure that the ground wire is connected firmly.
  6. Plug in all the connectors. (See the pictures below)
  7. Mount the protective cover. Make sure that only the power and motor cables go under the cover, all other cables should run outside of the cover.
  8. Arrange the cables and put back the rear cover. Make sure that the sensor cables come out in the notches of the cover and neither those nor any other cables are pinched by the edge of the cover.

In case of any problem please call your dealer or Kasa Engineering Services at (866) 447-8872.




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