I/S-TURBO User Tips

1.High Speed Regulated Mode.

This was designed so that fast quilters, who always used constant speed for quilting patterns with sharp changes in direction, can now use regulated stitches. The I/S Turbo allows you to move the machine smoothly through sharp changes in direction without having to slow down into them and pull out gradually. The coasting effect makes this possible and eliminates the long stitch associated with sharp changes in direction. You should move the machine as you do when in constant speed.

However, the coasting only works when the machine is moved quite fast. If you move the machine so that it is sewing faster than 20 stitches per second, then the coasting effect will work. When you move the machine more slowly than that, then the Turbo will work just like the I/S 2K. If you find that you cannot detect the coasting effect, then you are probably moving the machine too slowly to activate it. If you like to sew more slowly, but want to take advantage of the coasting effect, then you should give your machine a little push as you go into a point, speeding it up slightly. You will be able recognize when the coasting is activated.

It is recommended that your machine be set in the High Speed Mode . As you turn on the power to your machine, watch the green run light. If it flashes as the machine beeps, then you are set in the High Speed Mode. If the light does not flash, the machine is set in Normal Regulated Mode. To change to High Speed, turn on the power while holding down the laser light button. The machine will remain in the High Speed Mode until you choose to change it.


2.Long Stitch at the Start of a Line of Quilting.

If you experience one long stitch at the beginning of a line of quilting, you are moving the machine too quickly as you start off. Try starting off using just one hand to guide your machine gently. This long stitch will only be eliminated through technique, not by altering a setting.


3. Precision Quilting.

This mode was designed for slow, careful work. The stitch is made more gently. With the Turbo, this mode has been altered so that you can move the machine faster and still enjoy the gentle stitch. You will be able to use the Precision Mode for more of your quilting, but the technique of slowing down into and gradually accelerating away from sharp changes in direction needs to be used or you will get long stitches. If your stitches start to get longer or irregular as you are sewing a certain pattern, then you are moving the machine too fast and you should be using the High Speed Mode instead of the Precision Mode for that pattern. An added benefit to using the Precision Quilting mode more is that your motor will not heat up as much. The high speed of the normal regulated stitch produces more heat than the gentler precision stitch.

Entering the Precision Mode is now easier - just hold down the black start/stop button until you hear a beep. As you sew, the green run light will flash slowing reminding you that you are in Precision Mode.

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