My constant speed stitches are not fast enough

You can increase the speed of your constant speed stitching, but do not increase too much, as it may overstress the motor.

First, go into adjustment mode by turning the machine on while holding down the red handle button. You should see the light above the laser button flashing to indicate you are in adjustment mode.


  1. With the SELECTOR DIAL at the MAX. position, push and hold down the RED HANDLE BUTTON. The motor will start running continuously with the fastest constant speed.

    Note that the RED HANDLE BUTTON should be held down continuously during the whole procedure. Make sure you move the machine to avoid thread pile-up.

  2. If the maximum speed needs adjustment, while still holding the RED HANDLE BUTTON down, turn on the DOWN light if the speed needs to be decreased, turn it off if increasing is necessary.
  3. While still holding the RED HANDLE BUTTON down, hit the BLACK HANDLE BUTTON. A beep will indicate that the speed was increased/decreased. Repeat the procedure from Step 2 until the desired maximum speed is reached.
  4. Release the RED HANDLE BUTTON to save the adjusted maximum speed in the computer's memory.
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