The machine beeps continously.

If you are hearing a continuous, double (back panel) or single (front panel) beep with no flashing lights, this indicates that one of the control panels is faulty. To determine which panel is faulty, turn power off and open the back cover. Check that the 6 and 4 pin connectors at the left side of the board are fully connected. If they are not, re-insert and turn power back on to test. If the machine is still beeping, unplug the 6 pin connector. Turn power on again. If the machine is still beeping, turn machine off again and open front panel. Test all wires to make sure they are secure. Tighten down screw terminals while pushing wires down into slot if necessary. Make sure that all connections to the panels are secure. If all connections look good, contact us or your dealer for replacement or repair.

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