Wandering needle return, the needle gradually gets lower, or the needle stops too far down.

Run needle positioning speed auto adjustment.  It is recommended to perform the adjustment with a threaded machine, over a quilt, or practice piece. The machine should be moved after each stitch to avoid thread pile-up at the same spot. Hold down red single stitch button while powering machine up to get into adjustment mode. Turn back dial to B1. Push the RED BUTTON. Three short beeps will indicate that the auto adjustment is about to start. During the adjustment several stitches will be made. Make sure that you move the machine between stitches to avoid pile-up at the same spot. The needle positioning speed will be automatically adjusted until the take-up lever reaches the optimal "up" position. You will hear a beep after each stitch where the take-up lever is at this position. If three consecutive stitches produce the same, correct position, the auto adjustment is finished, indicated by three short beeps.

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