When I change one setting it seems like another setting changes. Is there a recommended adjustment sequence?


With a proper sequence the adjustment can be quite simple. First of all, do the initial adjustment on an average thickness quilt, with thread in the machine.

Remember to move the machine after each adjustment, so the needle does not hit the same spot.

The recommended adjustment order is based on the relationships between the settings:

  • Adjust the needle positioning speed first (Page 2).
  • Adjust the needle up/down positions (Pages 7to 9).
  • Adjust the precision needle return position (Pages 11,12).
  • Adjust the maximum constant speed (Page 13).

These adjustments are final on the given quilt.

  • Tentatively set the needle return position (Page 10).
  • Set the regulated stitch speed relatively low and start optimizing it by checking the stitch regulation on straight lines or smooth curves, staying below the 2"/sec arm moving speed limit (Pages 5,6).
  • Make the final adjustment on the needle return position (Page 10).
  • Adjust the coasting by checking the stitch pile-up/long stitch occurrence around points (Pages 5,6).

The above adjustment should be OK for quilt sandwiches and thread tension that are not too different from the average quit, on which the adjustment was made. If a much thicker or thinner quilt is on the machine, the different mechanical drag can be compensated by adjusting ONLY the needle positioning speed while watching the take-up lever positions.

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