Gammill Surge Protector Installation


surger-protector-installation1.jpgBefore starting the installation make sure that the power cord is unplugged.

Remove the bolts holding the rear plastic cover and flip the cover to the left. 

Remove the black safety cover from the control unit. 

surger-protector-installation2.jpgUnplug the motor connector (rightmost position), and put the protective cover on it, as the picture shows.


Plug the motor connector in the header of the surge protector module, and insert the module's connector in the motor header, as the picture shows.


Replace the safety cover, making sure that only the power (on the left) and the surge protector cables get under it.








surger-protector-installation3.jpgReplace the back cover. Push the surge protector and the motor cable connector into the cover as the picture shows. Arrange the phone cables inside the notches on the bottom and the left side before tightening the bolts. 

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