I/S-98 needle top position adjustment with REV1.1 to REV1.4 software

To enter the adjustment mode turn on the power while the single stitch button is held down.
The needle will start with the slow speed and stop at the position that was stored in the unit's memory.

The needle top position adjustment has two steps: First a mechanical adjustment of the needle encoder should be performed using fast single stitch, followed by the adjustment of the software using slow single stitch.



  1. Hit the START switch. A fast single stitch will be made.
  2. If the needle stops at the right position, continue with the software adjustment.
  3. If the needle did not stop at the right position, loosen up the encoder coupling and turn the needle shaft to the desired position while holding the encoder shaft at its position where the stitch was finished.
  4. Tighten the encoder coupling and repeat the procedure from Step 1 until the desired position is reached.




  1. Push and hold down the SINGLE STITCH button. A single stitch will be made and the green light is turned on indicating the unit is ready for adjustment.
  2. Check the position of the needle.
  3. If the position is correct, release the SINGLE STITCH button, the adjustment is completed.
  4. If the position is not acceptable, turn the needle shaft manually, always in forward direction, to the correct position, while the SINGLE STITCH button is still held down. Note that some overrun will occur which should be considered when turning the needle to the new position.
  5. While keeping the SINGLE STITCH button down, hit the START button. The buzzer will sound to indicate that the new position was stored in the unit's memory.
  6. Release the SINGLE STITCH button and repeat the procedure from Step 1 until the desired needle position is reached.

When the adjustment is finished, the power should be turned off and on again to return to normal operation.

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